Database Engineer

Database Engineer

Database Engineer

About the Opportunity

Job Description About the Opportunity
As Database Engineer you will work closely with the software development team to scale and maintain our fast-growing SaaS production platform. Primarily responsible for architecting, engineering, and building the reliable, scalable, secure, available, and cost-effective database infrastructure solutions for our product development.


  • Participate and contribute to the development of product, execution, and achievement of the company’s overall strategy. Maintaining and enhancing the performance of existing database design and programs.
  • Participate in developing dashboards and alerts, to improve our ability to proactively analyze and detect risk impacting stability of the application.
  • Writing new support programs and scripts to increase data storage capacity.
  • Performing debugging procedures on database scripts and programs, as well as resolving conflicts.
  • Adhering to best practices in securely storing, backing up, and archiving data.
  • Responsible for tuning and configuring database as well as building tools and scripts to monitor, troubleshoot and automate deployments.
  • Documenting processes related to database design, configuration, and performance.
  • Keeping abreast of developments and best practices in database engineering.
  • Contribute to major release upgrades, deployment automation, monitoring enhancements and Production changes.
  • Troubleshoot production issues related to the product and customer data.
  • Assist with wide array of additional functions as necessary within rapid growth startup.


  • Bachelor’s in computer science or equivalent advanced degree.
  • Minimum of 3+ years of experience in development using or relational databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle etc.
  • Experience in building production-ready applications and systems.
  • In-depth knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL).
  • In depth knowledge of procedural language for at least one database (PL/SQL, T-SQL etc.).
  • Experience managing a highly reliable database platform with focus on security, performance, and scale to meet the requirements of enterprise customers.
  • Extensive experience with database technologies and architecture.
  • Extensive experience in SQL performance tuning.
  • Preferred experience of AWS services and hands-on knowledge of hosting on cloud.
  • Experience operating software as a service is a plus
  • Sound knowledge of best practices in database engineering and data security.