Retail Cloud Security and Compliance Platform

The retail sector is changing, and Amazon is just the beginning. As consumers shift deeper online than ever before, competition for retail dollars is no longer a matchup among traditional rivals. For retailers building the future of consumer goods, it’s mission critical to ensure total security, compliance and governance.

Secure Your Retail Operations

The retail industry is revolutionizing, thanks to personalized shopping experiences in-store and online. But with transformation comes responsibility, particularly around protecting personally identifiable information, PCI DSS and other government and industry standards.
With automated, real-time monitoring, Caveonix delivers continuous security and compliance so you can conduct business better and securely in the cloud.

Total Retail and Payments Industry Compliance

Automated monitoring across industry standard CIS Benchmark for secure configurations in cloud and workload

Additional checks for industry and country-specific compliance frameworks like PCI DSS, CSF, GDPR and more

Automated alerts for behavioral abnormalities in addition to compliance threats

What You Can Do with Caveonix

Vulnerability Management

Manual do-it-yourself processes and multiple tools adopted by security engineering teams are no longer a secure or scalable option for protecting your assets in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With vast quantities of data to collect and analyze, your teams can still miss a comprehensive view of vulnerabilities. 


Put an end to your enterprise’s catastrophic risk of security breaches with our platform’s automated and threat-centric vulnerability management capabilities. Reduce your team’s time and resources spent on manual processes such as monitoring, assessing, reviewing and rectifying vulnerabilities. 

Here's what you gain with Caveonix:

  • Automated detection of vulnerabilities and security risks without the need of an agent
  • Prioritized list of actionable risk insights
  • Predictive risk analytics that provide scores on changes in a dynamic cloud’s risk posture
  • Tracked resolutions and progress from our dashboards display of real-time data
  • Built-in integration of various ticketing systems
  • Automated report generation for status updates

Security Operations

Detecting, investigating and responding to threats is no easy task in today’s complex hybrid and multi-cloud operating climate. Outdated legacy technologies, alert fatigue, and long hours spent on documentation and reporting are just some of the challenges your Security Operations Center (SOC) faces daily. Give your SOC the capability to work proactively and improve their efficiencies today to secure your enterprise’s operations for tomorrow. 

Here's what you gain with Caveonix:

  • Unified dashboard that displays detailed threats, abnormal user behaviors and vulnerabilities to act on across hybrid cloud deployments
  • Generated detailed reports highlighting critical information such as tickets created, events, network flow data, and issues opened and resolved
  • Incorporated advanced forensic capabilities to breakdown logs and various events
  • Provides detailed alarms and alerts
  • Execute actions such as micro segmentation, quarantine and Zero-Trust with a click

Reduce costs and Improve Security with RBAC and ABAC access controls

Gain a unified console view of risk, security, compliance and governance across your hybrid cloud, and manage your security wisely using Role and Attribute based access controls, alongside custom and built-in roles such as SOC user, compliance analyst, auditor, and management.

Endpoint Assessment

With the rise of online shopping and streamlined manufacturing, the retail industry has become a target-rich environment. Keep your organization safe from the impact of a breach and quickly evaluate tangible risks across your environment. Prioritize work streams to increase your security assurance and manage cyber risk with Caveonix.

Comply with:

  • PCI
  • CSF
  • GDPR
  • Other Privacy Requirements

The Power of Caveonix for Retail

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How do you accommodate strategic objectives while safeguarding customer data? Read our two best practices which should lead any comprehensive protection plan.

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Enterprises should implement zero trust as one of its basic security measures to reduce threat levels and ensure all their data is safe.

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