The Future of The Tech Economy is in Cloud

The technology sector is changing the world, one cloudserver at a time. For the established tech firms and startups alike, it’s imperative to ensure sound cloud security posture, total workload security and comprehensive compliance to the shifting rules of governance. Caveonix can manage it all, at once, from the smartest dashboard in the industry.

For Tech Brands, Cloud Security is a Must

All technology companies today – from the largest providers like Google to the smallest startups in Silicon Valley – are handling consumers’ PII like usernames and passwords, banking and purchase information, birthdates and other identifiers. The vast amount of information comes with high expectations for data security and privacy, especially as privacy concerns increase and states and countries enact specific regulations.


Through our Caveonix Cloud platform, we ensure tech companies have total cloud security to protect these assets. We automate risk and compliance management, so you spend 80% less time and labor on documentation. With full-stack visibility, you have a unified view across public, private and hybrid cloud environments. We also use the NIST RMF as our baseline and advocate for use of the NIST Privacy Framework or other similar framework to supplement privacy goals and requirements.

Total Technology Industry Compliance

  • Automated monitoring across industry standard CIS Benchmark for secure configurations in cloud and workload
  • Additional checks for personal-data specific compliance frameworks like PCI DSS
  • Checks by region for compliance frameworks like CCPA and GDPR
  • NIST cybersecurity framework
  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • SOC Type 1 / Type 2
  • Automated alerts for behavioral abnormalities in addition to compliance threats
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Caveonix Solutions

What You Can Do with Caveonix

Easily identify and manage out high-risk control failures, and adhere to security best practices to drive prioritized remediation efforts. With Caveonix , you can record and proactively manage data for prioritized actions that deliver the highest impact possible.


Review your environment for security best practices and privacy frameworks for:

  • ISO 27002
  • CSA
  • GDPR
  • NERC CIP and others

The Power of Caveonix for the Tech Sector

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In recent years, cloud led digital transformations have seen tremendous adoption. As we move forward, cloud environments will only become more predominant and integral to the success of businesses. 

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As digital transformation continues taking shape, adoption of the cloud at scale presents many operational efficiencies, but digital transformation also ushers in new challenges and risks.

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Get access to the latest reports, studies, and other resources on digital transformation

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