Platform Features

Automate security and compliance for hybrid multicloud environments.

Neural-InsightTM Engine

Caveonix Cloud’s groundbreaking Neural-InsightTM Engine employs the power and speed of Al to continuously analyze and secure the everchanging mix of cloud assets, workloads, applications, and infrastructure found in hybrid multicloud environments.

Valuable Insight

Turn data into actionable insight about your IT landscape. With Caveonix Cloud's Neural-InsightTM Engine you can continuously analyze your hybrid multicloud environment to identify targeted vulnerabilities, applications, and infrastructure. The engine also powers analysis of trends to detect drift in security and compliance.

Continuous Analysis of Complex Cloud Environments

Our Neural-InsightTM Engine uses neural network technology to execute risk analytics, algorithms, and deep learning at the scale and speed necessary for continuous analysis and protection of complex, hyperdynamic hybrid cloud environments.

360 Insight

Our Neural-InsightTM Engine helps you easily see multiple views of your IT landscape. With Neural-InsightTM you can pivot on a wide range of metrics to evaluate security and compliance from different perspectives and gain insight for better use of resources.

Intelligence for Automated Responses

Our Neural-InsightTM Engine provides the analysis and trigger for Caveonix Cloud’s automated remediation using DefensebotTM. By pairing powerful analytics with automated actions, Caveonix Cloud minimizes the exposure window often to less than 30 seconds.

Agentless Security and Compliance Platform

Seamlessly assess and protect applications, platforms, and

infrastructure without the use of cumbersome agents.

API-driven Solution

API-driven Solution

Leverage an API-driven solution to automatically detect and remediate vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.


Real-time Assessment

Instead of periodic snapshotting Caveonix Cloud performs continuous detection and remediation of vulnerabilities in real time.

Nonintrusive Policy Enforcement

Nonintrusive Remediation

Seamlessly enforce consistent security and compliance throughout your cloud environment without the limitation and burden of physical agents.

Application-Centric Platform

Caveonix Cloud is the industry’s first application-centric security platform for hybrid multicloud environments. The platform monitors and protects your complete stack across all deployment technologies and architectures.

Map Vulnerabilities to Applications

Map Vulnerabilities to Applications

Understand vulnerabilities and misconfigurations at an application level.

Automatically Remediate at the Application level

Automatically Remediate at the Application level

Automatically remediate vulnerabilities for all layers in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.

Integrate security and compliance

Integrate security and compliance into CI/CD Pipeline

Integrate detection and assessment with your CI/CD pipeline for a DevSecOps approach to application security management.

Contextualize Full-Stack Risk

Full-Stack Risk

Analyze security and compliance based on data from all layers of your cloud environment including applications, platform, and infrastructure.

DefenseBotTM Auto-Remediation

DefenseBotTM Auto-Remediation delivers industry-leading remediation times for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in fast-changing hybrid multicloud environments.
Mitigation Modeling

RPA for Remediation

Caveonix Cloud's DefenseBotTM technology employs Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automatically remediate vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in near real-time.

Mitigation Modeling

Breakthrough MTTR

Our platform delivers industry-leading Mean Times to Remediation (MTTR) with exposure windows often less than 30 seconds.

Analytics-Driven Mitigation Prioritization

Caveonix Cloud uses its powerful Neural-InsightTM Engine to assess and model the impact of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and to prioritize mitigation efforts for hybrid multicloud environments.
Mitigation Modeling

Mitigation Modeling

Caveonix Cloud continuously builds mitigation models for hybrid multicloud workloads that help prioritize steps that deliver the most impact on security and compliance.

Mitigation Modeling

Proactive Modeling

Caveonix Cloud's predictive risk analytics help you assess and proactively mitigate cyber and compliance issues in highly dynamic cloud environments.

Prioritized Compliance Improvement

Prioritized Compliance Improvement

Caveonix Cloud assesses hybrid multicloud environments for compliance with security policies and regulations and prioritizes mitigation steps to help organizations efficiently maintain compliance.

Caveonix Dashboard

Security And Compliance Scanner

Caveonix Cloud provides the most extensive security and compliance scanning in the industry with granular real-time scanning of all applications, infrastructure and platforms in your hybrid multicloud environment.

Security Scanning

Caveonix Cloud continuously scans all layers of your private and public cloud environments for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. The platform also integrates with CI/CD processes to identify security issues with applications and infrastructure before deployment.

Caveonix Dashboard
Caveonix Dashboard

Compliance Scanning

In addition to being secure, hybrid multicloud environments must operate in compliance with external and internal regulations. Caveonix Cloud provides real- time scanning of applications, infrastructure and platforms for compliance issues and pre-deployment scanning to promote compliance from the outset.

Broadest Compliance Catalog Support in the industry

Global Attack Type Intelligence

Support for 30+ Global Compliance Controls

With more than 30 compliance controls integrated into the platform, Caveonix Cloud provides the broadest compliance catalog support in the industry. Our platform helps you maximize efficiency and maintain compliance in real time, across your hybrid multicloud environment.
Compliance and Governance logos

Built-In Threat Intelligence And Vulnerability Database

Caveonix Cloud automatically incorporates the latest global intelligence on vulnerabilities, threats, and attacks into assessments, prioritization, and mitigation for proactive and rapid remediation.
Framework Mapping

Global Targeting Intelligence

Know which vulnerabilities are currently being targeted for attack as well as IP addresses and regions where attacks originate to proactively protect hybrid multicloud environments.

Global Attack Type Intelligence

Global Attack Type Intelligence

Include knowledge of current attack types in your cloud security assessments. Including denial-of-service, malware, and website hijacking.

Framework Mapping

Framework Mapping

Map incidents to MITRE ATT&CK Framework to improve understanding of attacker models, methodologies, and mitigation for hybrid multicloud workloads.

Framework Mapping

Live Feed Database

Incorporate real-time global data on threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities from leading databases including those adhering to STIX/TAXI protocols.

Framework Mapping

Local Auto-Updated NVD

Our platform maintains an automatically updated version of the NVD database for fast analysis and prioritization of vulnerabilities in your hybrid multicloud environment.