Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP)

Implement a DevSecOps Approach to security and compliance for cloud-native applications and their infrastructure in rapidly changing hybrid multicloud environments 

Build secure and compliant
applications from
the start

Caveonix CNAPP proactively protects applications during the build stage with comprehensive scanning of artifacts for vulnerabilities, exposures, and misconfigurations. Automated testing and in-depth analysis powered by our Neural-InsightTM engine allow developers to prioritize and remediate security and compliance issues before they are deployed into runtime environments.

Dev Sec Opps

Caveonix CNAPP Development Phase Capabilities

Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

Software Composition Analysis

Pre-deployment common Vulnerabilities and Exposure (CVE) Scanning

Pre-deployment Secret Exposure Scanning

Pre-deployment Attack Path Analysis

DEV Sec Opps

Caveonix CNAPP Infrastructure Security Capabilities

Infrastructure as Code (Iac) Scanning

Network Configuration and Security Policy

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management (CIEM)

Kubernetes security Posture Management (KSPM)

Protect your cloud infrastructure before and after deployment

Caveonix CNAPP secures your hybrid multicloud infrastructure before and after deployment. Scan, assess and remediate security and compliance issues for platforms and infrastructure and keep pace with rapidly changing cloud environments.

Keep cloud
workloads secure and compliant

Caveonix CNAPP provides industry-leading visibility, analysis, and automated remediation to secure cloud workloads across VMs, Containers and Serverless. Execute exposure scanning and Zero Trust policies to protect cloud-native applications during runtime.

Dev Sec Opps

Caveonix CNAPP Runtime Protection Capabilities

Runtime Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure (CVE) Scanning

Runtime Secrets Exposure Scanning

Runtime Attack Path Analysis

Caveonix CNAPP Benefits

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View Cloud Environment Holistically

Harmonize previously siloed information to gain the context needed to accurately prioritize risk and remediation efforts.

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Unify approach to security and compliance

Replace piece-parts and consolidate functionality for scanning artifacts, configuring cloud environments, and protecting runtime workloads.

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Streamline DevSecOps

Seamlessly integrate security testing into development and deployment of cloud-native applications.

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Manage risk proactively

Manage security and compliance across the development and operations lifecycle.

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Reduce the number of tools and vendors

Reduce CI/CD pipeline complexity and costs. Improve accountability and vendor partnering.