Compliance and Security at the Speed of Transformation

Achieve continuous compliance and security across your hybrid cloud estate to manage overall digital risk and reduce TCO.

Unified AI-powered Platform Delivering Compliance, Security, and Governance at Scale

Safeguard Enterprise Digital Transformation with AI-driven insights that provide customized and prioritized actions unique to user roles, while ensuring real-time auto-remediation to minimize risk and maximize efficiency.

C3: Compliance Automation in Every Dimension

Achieve and maintain Continuous Compliance with security, regulatory and IT Governance Controls Requirements.

Security Controls

Customized Security Controls

Leverage 2000+ built in customizable security controls with guard rails and process automation to ensure the compliance and security posture of your hybrid multicloud estate.

Regulatory Controls

Integrated Compliance

Ensure continuous compliance with automation by easily creating customizable compliance controls from a library of  45+ industry and regulatory frameworks.

IT Governance Controls

Continuous Compliance with your IT Governance Controls (ITGC)

Implement enterprise-grade ITGC controls with time-saving features like continuous assessment, auto-mapping of results, creation of artifacts, and automatic generation of audit reports.

Rethink Governance and Compliance with an Application-Centric Approach

Declare controls for your enterprise applications, correlate assets with Information Systems or applications, and automatically create and update document artifacts.

Auto-group assets by applications for an application-centric assessment of applicable compliance controls.

Save countless hours by applying application-specific controls to assets for comprehensive audit and continuous compliance posture monitoring.

Meet your governance needs with a fully integrated cloud governance, risk and compliance (GRC) module that provides the ability to document and audit technical and non-technical controls and artifacts.

Bring AI-Driven Insights to Every Decision

Maximize impact with minimal efforts to improve security and compliance posture with insights, prioritized recommendations and auto-remediation.

For effective prioritization, the platform aligns findings to an application and informs the security team–which assets have vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. The insights include anomaly detection and actions such as automatic endpoint quarantine to localize the infection and prevent its spread to other assets.

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Utilize intuitive risk dashboards to proactively benchmark and improve your security and compliance posture.

Customize and prioritize role-based actions with AI-driven insights and risk scores so you can focus on the risks that matter.

Identify and prioritize the top 20% security or compliance mitigations to create an 80% impact for improving overall risk

Auto remediate in less than 30 seconds using DefenseBotTM technology to prevent critical risks from being exploited.

Connected Full-Stack Visibility

Seamlessly scan across hybrid cloud technology stacks with a unified view of inventory,
security and compliance postures, in seconds.

Whether you are at an evolving or advanced stage in your digital transformation journey, we’ve got your back!

Our unified platform is designed to support hybrid multicloud environments. We partner with industry-leading public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM Cloud as well as private cloud from VMware and OpenStack.

Our agentless API-driven approach integrates with a variety of cloud-native services such as virtual machines (VMs), serverless functions, container services unique to each cloud provider as well as open source Kubernetes.

Foster a Shift-Left Mindset

Deploy Secure and Compliant Code with Confidence

Prioritize shift-left of compliance and security by detecting vulnerabilities and misconfigurations prior to deployment, thus avoiding runtime issues. 


This shift-left strategy can be applied to Infrastructure as Code (IaC), container image libraries used by developers and checks on compliance controls in a pipeline for CI/CD deployment. 


Caveonix’s Neural-Insight AI engine continuously secures the entire DevOps cycle from coding to testing to deployment.