The Growing Need for Cloud Security in Healthcare

As you transition your health system to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, it’s mission critical to ensure total security, compliance and governance. That’s why the world’s top healthcare institutions choose Caveonix: the most effective cloud security posture management platform for hybrid cloud environments.

Get Unsurpassed Cloud Security for Healthcare

Digital transformation is happening in every industry – including healthcare. Implementing security measures in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, labs, offices and others, is about much more than “checking the boxes” to ensure security and compliance. Protecting and monitoring the systems that contain information about patients and other sensitive records is critical, as human lives are at stake in the event of a cyberattack holding a facility digitally hostage.


From HIPAA to HITECH to PCI, today’s healthcare industry is dependent on secure cloud environments. You need a solution to deploy a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy with the confidence of total security and compliance throughout your IT infrastructure.

Healthcare Compliance, Simplified

Automated monitoring across industry standard CIS Benchmark for secure configurations in cloud and workload
Additional checks for healthcare-specific compliance frameworks like HIPAA, HITECH, PCI-DSS, CMMC, SOC 1 and 2, and more
Continuous compliance of controls critical to protecting workloads and exceeding HIPAA requirements
Automated alerts for behavioral abnormalities in addition to compliance threats
Continuous governance that works without an agent by communicating directly with APIs

What You Can Do with Caveonix

Governance, Compliance and Audit Management

Eliminating threats with a prioritized risk-based approach, Caveonix Cloud identifies the most critical assets and controls to ensure your healthcare organization can prioritize your resources and remediate security and compliance control failures.


Our platform natively understands complex cloud scenarios and is designed to perform predictive analytics for continuous risk assessment, with endpoint assessments aligned to:

  • NIST RMF/SP 800-53

Vulnerability Management

Manual do-it-yourself processes and multiple tools adopted by security engineering teams are no longer a secure or scalable option for protecting your assets in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With vast quantities of data to collect and analyze, your teams can still miss a comprehensive view of vulnerabilities.


Put an end to your enterprise’s catastrophic risk of security breaches with our platform’s automated and threat-centric vulnerability management capabilities. Reduce your team’s time and resources spent on manual processes such as monitoring, assessing, reviewing and rectifying vulnerabilities. 

Here's what you gain with Caveonix:

  • Automated detection of vulnerabilities and security risks without the need of an agent
  • Prioritized list of actionable risk insights
  • Predictive risk analytics that provide scores on changes in a dynamic cloud’s risk posture
  • Tracked resolutions and progress from our dashboards display of real-time data
  • Built-in integration of various ticketing systems
  • Automated report generation for status updates

Security Operations

Detecting, investigating and responding to threats is no easy task in today’s complex hybrid and multi-cloud operating climate. Outdated legacy technologies, alert fatigue, and long hours spent on documentation and reporting are just some of the challenges your Security Operations Center (SOC) faces daily. Give your SOC the capability to work proactively and improve their efficiencies today to secure your enterprise’s operations for tomorrow.

Here's what you gain with Caveonix:

  • Unified dashboard that displays detailed threats, abnormal user behaviors and vulnerabilities to act on across hybrid cloud deployments
  • Generated detailed reports highlighting critical information such as tickets created, events, network flow data, and issues opened and resolved
  • Incorporated advanced forensic capabilities to breakdown logs and various events
  • Provides detailed alarms and alerts
  • Execute actions such as micro segmentation, quarantine and Zero-Trust with a click

Configuration Management

Improper configurations and poor patch hygiene are just some of the challenges system administrators face when it comes to mitigating the risk of breaches. With time-consuming and manual reactive processes, teams struggle to keep up with the innovative pace of business demands. Provide your application owners and administrators with a solution that ensures the smooth management of precise configurations to reduce your overall compliance risks.

Here's what you gain with Caveonix:

  • Automated process for detecting misconfigurations or faulty settings at your cloud infrastructure, cloud native services, platform and the application layer
  • Prioritized configuration fixes from the implementation of predictive analytics
  • Dashboard that displays real-time information for tracking resolutions and progress
  • Status update reports through the platform
  • Playbooks that address configuration issues
  • Built-in integration of various ticketing systems, email or slack


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Gain full visibility into your workloads and risks across your hybrid cloud environments. Quickly determine the nature and location of risks, and take specific actions to limit threats in their tracks. Eliminate blind spots across multi-cloud deployments with data normalization, multi-dimensional grouping of assets by locations, organizations and applications. 

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Predictive risk analytics and risk mitigation quantifies risks to help manage your security and compliance risk postures. Eliminate threats and vulnerabilities with automated active defense. Quickly lower your compliance costs and optimize your team’s bandwidth.

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Leverage years of experience, best practices and expert-backed insights to stay compliant across your hybrid cloud environment. Quickly determine the drift in compliance posture and protect workloads. Providing workload visibility, cloud risk posture management, and cloud workload protection enforcement within one unified management console.
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Easily monitor and report on your risk and compliance with proactive risk management for the hybrid cloud. Ensure secure and compliant workload deployments to the hybrid cloud with existing security policies, without boundaries between your internal and external clouds for a unified efficient operation.

Results in Healthcare

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