The Future of Government is Achieving Ongoing Authorization

From federal agencies to state and local governments, enterprises in the public sector are expediting their digital government services to improve efficiencies and better serve their citizens. Confidently secure your department and agency’s digital transformation.

Compliance is Paramount in the Federal Sector

Long an industry more concerned with the protection of personally identifiable information and the certainty of on-prem security protocols, today’s government organizations are accelerating their adoption of cloud technologies thanks to total data security and real-time monitoring.


Some of the largest and leading government agencies use Caveonix to protect their cloud, to monitor for compliance, and to ensure that their agency’s future is powered by the cloud.


Ensure Total Public Sector Compliance

Automated monitoring across industry standard CIS Benchmark for secure configurations in cloud and workload
Additional checks for public-sector-specific compliance frameworks like FEDRAMP, FISMA, FISCAM, GDPR, CCPA, and more.
Automated alerts for behavioral abnormalities in addition to compliance threats

Navigate Regulations Standards Effortlessly

Caveonix Compliance and ATO Acceleration

The Power of Caveonix for Retail

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Gain full visibility into your workloads and risks across your hybrid cloud environments. Quickly determine the nature and location of risks, and take specific actions to limit threats in their tracks. Eliminate blind spots with multi-dimensional grouping of assets across data center locations, organizations and applications in your hybrid cloud.
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Predictive risk analytics and risk mitigation quantifies risks to help manage your security and compliance risk postures. Eliminate threats and vulnerabilities with automated active defense. Quickly lower your compliance costs and optimize your team’s bandwidth.
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Leverage years of best practices and expert-backed insights to stay compliant across your hybrid cloud environment. Quickly determine the drift in compliance posture and protect workloads. Provide workload visibility, cloud risk posture management, and cloud workload protection enforcement within one unified solution.
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Easily monitor and report on your risk and compliance with proactive risk management for the hybrid cloud. Ensure secure and compliant workload deployments to the hybrid cloud with existing security policies, without boundaries between your internal and external clouds for a unified efficient operation.

Results for Government and Government Contractors

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Tackle Digital Risks with a Truly Agile Solution

Provide your government departments and agencies with real-time visibility, automable enforcement actions and a digital risk management solution to proactively secure the mission.