Hybrid Multicloud Security and Governance Platform

Caveonix Cloud is the industry’s leading platform for protecting hybrid multicloud environments

Operating hyperdynamic environments with private clouds and multiple public clouds exponentially multiplies the challenge of protecting applications, platforms, and infrastructure. Caveonix provides one unified platform to monitor, analyze, and remediate vulnerabilities and misconfigurations throughout your hybrid multicloud environment.

Hybrid Multicloud Visibility

Caveonix Cloud’s industry leading visibility enables you to keep the full stack of your hybrid multicloud environment secure and compliant.

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Visibility to security posture throughout the application lifecycle

Provide security and compliance at all stages of the application lifecycle from design to coding to testing to deployment.


Full-stack visibility on private cloud VMWare, Openstack

Make full use of the privacy and security that private cloud provides by managing risks in VMware - and OpenStack-based private clouds.

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Full-stack visibility on public clouds AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM Cloud

Identify, understand and address risks across all major public clouds, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud.

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See application inter-dependencies, connection ports and protocols

Sometimes, the greatest risks lie not in your applications themselves, but in the dependencies, network connections, VPCs and protocols that your apps depend on. Manage risks across all of these layers to ensure holistic security.

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Logical network topology with network flow metrics

Understand the full impact of risks by contextualizing risk analytics with network topology and network flow metrics to reveal how risks may spread across your environment.

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Near real-time visibility across hybrid and multicloud

Detect and understand risks across any type of hybrid or multicloud environment as they appear. Don’t wait on metrics collection or periodic reporting to know which risks you face.

Policy Enforcement Across Hybrid Multicloud

With Caveonix, a single console is all you need to manage and enforce security policies across virtually any type of private, hybrid or multicloud environment. Unlike cloud vendors’ own risk management tools, which only work within their own clouds, Caveonix gives you a central risk management plane that supports whichever cloud architecture you use today — as well as whatever you may choose to build in the future.

Cloud Data Security

Detailed Analysis And Reporting Across Hybrid Multicloud

In hybrid multicloud environments especially, it’s critical to know exactly where risks lie — whether on your infrastructure, a public cloud vendor’s infrastructure or both. Caveonix provides detailed reports contextualized by metrics from across your hybrid multicloud infrastructure, networks and applications to ensure that you can fully understand risks and remediate them.

Automatic And Proactive Mitigation

Caveonix Cloud’s DefenseBotTM technology automatically protects applications and cloud assets across hybrid multicloud environments delivering some of the fastest Mean Times to Remediation in the industry. The platform also integrates with CI/CD pipelines to proactively identify and mitigate vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

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