Microsegmentation and Zero Trust

The Caveonix Cloud Platform performs Microsegmentation with an application workload-centric zero trust model approach for workloads in any hybrid, public or private cloud environment.

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Granular Microsegmentation

Microsegmentation is accomplished based on knowledge of network flow and all assets including cloud services, VMs, and instances associated with business applications, system TAGs, business impact category and risk profile, and compliance requirements.

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Continuous Policy Enforcement

The Caveonix Cloud Platform continuously performs discovery, policy management, and enforcement orchestration across the workloads and clouds for East-West and North-South communications.

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Integrated Security Management

Caveonix Cloud’s Microsegmentation functions integrate with Cloud-Native Microsegmentation APIs and Hypervisor Microsegmentation Overlays including VMware NSX-t manager APIs and OpenStack APIs.

Benefits Of Microsegmentation

  • Strengthen regulatory compliance
  • Reduce attack surfaces
  • Prevent lateral movement of threats to contain breaches
  • Reduce the potential risk of insider threats
  • Limit east-west traffic between workloads to only required communications based on a zero-trust security approach
Policy Rule Compliance