Caveonix and CVP Announce Partnership

Caveonix, the company behind the first continuous cloud governance platform that supports the hybrid cloud, announces its partnership with Customer Value Partners (CVP), a business and technology consulting firm that helps organizations prepare for a culture of Continuous Change.

As these organizations embrace the digital transformation journey to the cloud and the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) approach to software development, their challenge is to deliver continuously changing applications that also continuously comply with agency or enterprise security policies. The goal of this partnership is to establish baseline sets of controls that apply to all applications, regardless of where they are deployed in a hybrid multi-cloud environment, and to continuously monitor those applications for compliance drift. Combining these two capabilities enables federal agencies to move from a static Authority To Operate (ATO) process that is not congruent with CI/CD to an Ongoing Authorization posture that enables innovation.

The Caveonix Cloud platform, the signature implementation of the NIST Risk Management Framework (NIST RMF) for the hybrid cloud, enables Ongoing Authorization and Continuous Cloud Governance for federal agencies while slashing the cost of compliance. Caveonix Cloud provides Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), a Cloud Workload Protection Program (CWPP), and Governance and Risk Compliance (GRC) through a single, integrated platform that operates across public clouds, private clouds, and enterprise data centers.

These capabilities allow Caveonix Cloud to fully integrate with CVP’s Hopper, its Managed Platform-as-a-Service (MPaaS) DevSecOps “Software Factory in a Box” solution that accelerates software delivery through cost-effective automation and scalable infrastructure. This integration further increases productivity and speeds an agency’s path toward ATO.

“At CVP, we focus on creating strategic partnerships that will improve speed to market, lower costs, and improve security and quality for our clients,” said Faqir Ahmed, Executive Director, CVP. “Caveonix is an ideal partner, as the Caveonix Cloud platform aligns with these goals and offers a more complete, holistic solution compared to others on the market. Their team is fantastic to work with, and our clients are responding positively to our combined, enhanced capabilities.”

Through its signature implementation of the NIST RMF, the governance gold standard, Caveonix provides total governance across cloud environments. The processes set forth by the NIST RMF are the foundation for the Caveonix Cloud platform, allowing enterprises and government agencies to secure their information systems.

“We are always seeking ways to improve both security and compliance management and the user experience through our platform and partnerships,” said Tim Sullivan, co-founder and Co-CEO, Caveonix. “CVP is an innovative company offering great solutions for the federal sector, and we’re excited to work together to strengthen their offerings in this market.”

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