Unified Security Posture

Management and Workload Protection

The Caveonix Cloud platform combines CSPM and CWPP to deliver a unified approach to security and compliance for hybrid multicloud environments.

The Caveonix Cloud platform combines powerful cloud security posture management and cloud workload protection platform capabilities in a uniquely holistic approach that keeps applications, platforms, and infrastructure secure and compliant across hybrid multicloud environments. Our approach employs our Neural-InsightTM Engine for AI-powered analysis and DefenseBotTM Auto-Remediation to deliver the shortest exposure windows in the industry.

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Caveonix Cloud’s CSPM is the industry’s leading security posture management solution for hybrid multicloud environments. Its agentless approach continuously monitors, analyzes, and guides remediation of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and compliance issues for applications, platforms, and infrastructure in on-premise and off-premise environments.

Continuous Visibility

Cloud assets, applications, and infrastructure are in a constant state of flux with the scale of change multiplied in environments that operate a mix of several public clouds in addition to their private clouds.

Caveonix Cloud CSPM is the only solution that continuously monitors it all in near real-time delivering a holistic view of your entire cloud environment and insight into vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, and compliance issues.


  • A unified view across hybrid multicloud
  • Full-stack visibility on private and public clouds
  • Insight into application interdependencies, connection ports, and protocols
  • Logical network topology with network flow metrics.

Security Posture Assessment

Caveonix Cloud CSPM continuously identifies and assesses the risk of cloud service configurations and security settings. The platform’s Neural-InsightTM Engine helps provide risk analytics to guide prioritized and proactive remediation.


Security Posture Reporting

Our robust reporting, mapping, and workflow allow organizations to measure and communicate the status of security and compliance of applications and infrastructure across hybrid multicloud environments.


  • Security posture score by cloud assets, applications, and organization
  • Detailed reporting across hybrid multicloud
  • Findings management workflow
  • Role and attribute-based access controls

Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP)

Caveonix Cloud’s CWPP continuously protects workloads in hybrid multicloud environments and employs DefenseBotTM Robotic Process Automation technology to deliver the fastest remediation times in the industry.

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Vulnerability and Configuration Management

View, modify, and deploy security policies across different cloud stacks from a single console.

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Analytics-Driven Prioritized Mitigation

Model Mitigation and perform 80/20 Analysis to prioritize remediation.

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Automated Remediation with DefenseBotTM

Dynamic Robotic Process Automated actions dramatically shrink the exposure window.

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Microsegmentation and Zero Trust

Implement Microsegmentation, traffic visibility, and zero-trust policy to manage control of application workload security.